Office Movers Fort Lauderdale, Office Relocation Hollywood

Office Movers in Hollywood, Office Relocation Hollywood

When you a relocating your office in the Fort Lauderdale area or anywhere else, for that matter, many activities have to be executed correctly to make the move successful. Big Boy Moving and Storage has worked through them all over the last ten years including all of the tasks involving expertly moving and relocating: 

• IT hardware including servers, monitors, desktops, routers, modems, printers, etc.
• Telecommunications equipment such as phones, switchboards and switchboxes.
• Furniture like desks, cabinets, conference room tables, storage/file cabinets, cubical panels, ergonomic chairs, couches and TVs.
• Décor which can include artwork, screens, conference room equipment, plants, whiteboards, etc.
• Personal belongings. These are the most sensitive items. We ask the staff to place their office paraphernalia inside sturdy moving boxes and clearly label them so they get to the area where they will next be residing.

You can count on Big Boy Moving and Storage to provide all of the logistics support you need. This includes advice, all necessary moving equipment, manpower, and most of all, constant communication from our staff to yours to ensure a smooth move.

Office Movers in Davie, Office Relocation Davie

A great many details have to be expertly coordinated for the successful completion of a move which is truly a joint venture between your company and ours. The activities include:

• Properly labeling all of the items that are going to the new location with easy to read stickers that are often color coded for accurate relocation.
• Making sure timely and simple moving instructions go out to the staff being impacted by the move.
• Carefully selecting the proper time period to make the move so that any disruption to the office operations is minimal.
• Ensuring easy access to the old as well as the new location so everything can be loaded and unloaded efficiently.
• Being available right after the main move to take care of any loose ends, answer any questions and generally make sure everything worked as planned.

Office and Warehouse Relocation in Fort Lauderdale

The main goal is to have the staff up and immediately working again once the move is completed.

Often, people involved in a move would prefer that the move not be occurring. We are sensitive to that and will do whatever is required to quell any concerns your staff might have about the move. If it’s important to them, it’s important to us.

Office Movers in Hallandale, Office Relocation Hallandale

If you’re a business owner, office manager and/or in charge of the move, you need the moving company to be a true partner during the operation which, as you know, impacts all of your staff. 

For the best commercial relocation services in Fort Lauderdale, call the Big Boy Moving and Storage at 877-989- 2442. We provide exceptional, hassle free office moves in Hollywood, Davie, Hallandale and Pembroke Pines. We are dependable, efficient and affordable. Most importantly, we will make sure your office environment is fully functional and open for business when you need it to be.