Moving Supplies

Big Boy Moving and Storage offers a wide selection of moving boxes and supply in a very competitive price. We’ll give you a full refund for any boxes you didn’t use.

Moving boxes

1.5 cf moving box – Also called Book box. The smallest moving box there is.  You should pack small and heavy items.

3 ct moving box – Also called medium box. Usually used for medium size objects such as shoes

4.5 ct moving box – Large box also called linen box. Use for lighter objects such as pillows and bedding.

Picture moving box– Also refers as Mirror box. It’s a flat box made from four-pieces large or small that can be adjusted to any size. With adding bubble wrap you can pack glass picture or mirror.

Wardrobe moving boxes – 4’ high box with bar so your clothes can be transported on hangers.

Boxes for moving dishes – Also called dish box.  This is the strongest box available with double cardboard to pack fragile, breakable items such as china; usually used for kitchen items.

Packing paper – Used to wrap everyday items to prevent scratching. Never use news paper to prevent black ink on your dishes.

Bubble wrap – plastic packing material made out of bubbles used to over-wrap small, delicate items. You can use it to wrap larger fragile items such as lamps, pictures or TV.

Shrink wrap – Use to protect sofas or mattresses from water damage.

Moving tape – plastic tape, best for sealing boxes. Test before using to tape drawers.

Permanent marker – Used to label boxes with contents. Mark boxes “fragile” and “this side up” when appropriate

Beware of used boxes –Produce boxes often become weakened from the moisture of transportation or product spoilage. Also insects often nest in used boxes