moving from georgia

Georgia Movers

Considering moving from Georgia to another state?
Look no more!
Big Boy Moving and Storage specialized in east coast moving services.
We run our trucks through Georgia on A daily bases and we help many people with moving from Georgia to another state on the east coast.
Call today to check availability for a truck in your area and if you can work with us on the day we can actually reduce our price to a wholesale price.
Please do your best to provide us with all the necessary information so we can be prepare for your move and do our very best to help you with all your needs.
In Georgia we can get to you in a very short notice, it’s called “Last minute move”- when we get to you the same or the next day you call and book with us.
Big Boy Moving and Storage is a full service moving company in Georgia and our trucks fully equipped for any move. Whether it’s planned or last minute move, Big Boy got your back. Please ask us about very special prices and fast delivery for moving from Georgia to Florida or from Georgia to New York.