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So, you have decided to move out of Miami Lakes Florida. One of the first things on your “To-Do” list should be finding the right movers in your area and Big Boy Moving and Storage is the right mover for you.

By right movers you don’t mean just someone with a truck. You mean a company that has been around for a while and KNOWS the business. One that knows how all of your possessions mean a lot to you regardless of whether it is valuable from a monetary point of view or from a sentimental point of view. Let’s face it, the sentimental value of the dishes you received from your Great Grandmother are worth more to you than your sofa.

We have everything to help you make the move go as smoothly possible. All your concerns become our concerns, and none are treated as trivial. From articles you might want to pack yourself to safe secure storage facilities in case your time schedule of moving out and moving in don’t happen to coincide. We know that no two moves are the same and no two customers have the same concerns. We will work with you from the very start to the very end to ensure that you are not just satisfied but are so happy with the results that you will recommend us to friends and family.

Our trucks are clean and our uniformed employees are both courteous and knowledgeable. We offer a week by week moving guide to help guide you through the process and help relieve much of the stress that accompanies a move, whether it is across town or across the state.

You also receive a visit from the owner of the company and he will guaranty the price of the move and your satisfaction. He will give a visual estimate of all your possessions and answer any and all questions you might have. He will work with you and find solutions to all of your concerns so that when everything is done, and the move is complete, your new home will be just that, your home.

Call us today and book your upcoming move with the best movers in Florida, Big Boy Moving and Storage.